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The major goal of the Institute of Medieval & Post Medieval Studies (IMPMS) is to contribute toward generating a climate of mutual understanding and respect among people, at both the academic and the general public levels.

The IMPMS will  also strive to rectify the lack of study of  Intercultural History between Islam and the West, by  including material in the text books of Social Studies of Secondary Schools,Colleges and Universities on the relationship between Muslim Medieval scholars and their interaction with  the Western civilization under such titles as Old Trade Routes.from the East to West and vice versa.On the Iberian Peninsula, and later the Crusades (1095-1291) and the Ottoman capture of the Balkans (1389), brought about a constant interrelation between the two societies -movement from the darkness of its Middle Ages to the brilliance of its Renaissance.
Further,the IMPMS will aim at establishing Courses, Departments and Centers at he Western academia  to study   Islamic Civilization and its Contribution Civilization.

Finally,the IMPMS will advocate, the inclusion of micro study of various aspects of Islamic Civilization, in the Western Academia from modern epistemological perspective, especially Islamic Spain and its contribution to art, architecture, agriculture, history, language, mechanics, medicine, music, philosophy, poetry, leading to modern RENAISSANCE.  IMPMS will cover these disciplines in poles of knowledge and learning Near East, South Asia and elsewhere.


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holding regional, national, international conferences and publish papers and monographs.


to disseminate the information and as a learning resource center including on-going discussions on these subjects

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of books, manuscripts, and other learning resources of and about major Medieval and Modern Muslim scholars


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